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Canifor Hotel  Best Rate Guarantee

Best Rate Guarantee

What is it? Request a better rate.
Canifor Hotel guarantees the best net rates for all online room reservations. If you should find a better offer, we will give you the same rate plus an additional 5% discount.

In order to benefit from the Best Online Price Guaranteed, consult our Terms and Conditions and fill-in the form.

 How to Request a better rate.

  • Book a room through
  • Find in 24 hours (as of the date o f the reservation) a lower net rate online  which complies with our Terms and Conditions, provided the search is carried out at least 48 hours before the check- in date foreseen.
  • Complete and send in the form requesting Better Online Price Guaranteed
  • Within a term of not more than 2 working days you will receive an answer from Canifor Hotel .
  • After verifying that it is possible to book the same hotel at a lower rate in the other website, Canifor Hotel will e-mail you the confirmation of your new reservation with the new, lower net rate and a 5% discount on said lower net rate. The initial reservation made at a higher rate will be annulled.
  • In the event that Canifor Hotel does not accept your request because it does not comply with some of the Terms and Conditions required, we will send you an explanatory e-mail. 


Application Form

Please enter your data in the following form.
All the data are necessary

Data on the reservation made through
Reservation Code Number*
Date of Arrival*
Conditions offered in another website / Competitive comparison
Total Rate at (in Euros)*
Website where you found the best total rate*
Best total rate found (in Euros)*
Client's Information
Name & Surname


Terms & Conditions   

The guest must have made- via, a confirmed reservation with the most economic rate available in our website and received the relevant reservation code number.

The rate found in another website must coincide with the following conditions:

  1. Same hotel
  2. Same type of room and meal plan
  3. Same date and duration of stay
  4. Same sales conditions, payment cancellation policy, prepayment conditions, conditions for modifying the reservation, etc.
  5. Same number of guests
  6. Same currency or its equivalent with the same exchange rates as used by our booking engine.

The guarantee applies to lower rates with restrictions (cancellation policies, deposits, etc.) similar to the restrictions applicable to the rate booked through our website.

In case the "Request for Better Rates" includes several nights, the "Best Online Price Guaranteed" shall apply to the final rate at the end of the stay and not to the partial rate for a certain number of nights.

The guarantee refers to the final rate to be paid by the guest, which includes all the costs derived from the services received, rates, taxes or operational expenses charged by other websites to their users.


Best Online Price Guaranteed does not apply to the following rates

  • Unpublished or confidential rates (such as negotiated rates, special rates for enterprises, groups or meetings, etc.).
  • Rates corresponding to opaque online pages (pages posted in the internet which do not identify the name of the hotel, exact address or availability of rooms until the user has paid for the reservation of the room (s).
  • Rates related to promotional travel packages and other services.
  • Rates due to errors in the website at the moment of consulting the page or making the reservation.
  • Rates due to errors when loading or posting the rates in other pages.
  • Variations in the rates due to fluctuations and /or differences in the rate of exchange of a given currency. The exchange rate shall be the same as the one posted by our website at the moment of the reservation.
  • Rates offline
  • Rates corresponding to any type of checks
  • Rates that have been rounded- off and vary only in the decimal fraction. The guarantee shall apply only if the unit varies (applicable to rounded figures when the difference is only in decimal fraction and based on a confirmed foreign currency unit)


General Conditions

  • Claims shall be filed within a term of 24 hours after making the original reservation at  
  • Canifor Hotel shall respond to the request for a better rate within a term of 48 hours (2 working days) following the reception of the said request.
  • Canifor Hotel shall not be liable, in any case, for penalties, costs or expenses which may result from the cancelling of a reservation or for errors in the prices published in third pages
  • Canifor Hotel shall have the right to modify or cancel the Terms and Conditions governing this offer.